Metal roof made of steel

The loading part of the majority of metal sheets, the so-called core, is usually rolled steel or aluminium. The shaped sheets are protected by zinc, acrylic lacquers and various types of protective coatings defined in the industry under such trademarks as plastisol, pural, polyester mat, polyester standard. This increases their resistance to corrosion, UV rays, scratches and damage caused by stones, cones, branches, etc.

The most popular metal roof coverings

Roofs made of profiled sheet metal are mainly made of steel and aluminium at specialized production facilities. Trapezoidal sheets and tiles are manufactured to customer’s special order. Modular sheets have made great progress in the production of profiled sheets over the years.

Trapezoidal sheets are a very popular metal roofing material. Its sheets are made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Additional protection used by manufacturers are layers of various coatings. Well made trapezoidal roofing made of sheet metal can last on the roof up to several decades. Trapezoidal sheets are suitable for all steep roofs with a slope angle of more than 90 degrees. Due to the trapezoidal structure of the profile, they can withstand wind, hail and various mechanical damage from traditional tiles. On the other hand, you can find the view that the aesthetic appearance of trapezes is much less desirable than the appearance of tiles.

Steel roofing tiles – Manufacturers offer a wide range of roofing tiles in a wide range of colors, with a glossy or matte surface and a large palette of forms of embossing. The most popular colours of sheet metal covers are: red, brick, brown, grey, green, blue, available in various shades. You can also buy tiles in more original colors: gold, silver, yellow, white and black. Thus, you can easily choose the right color for your facade and style of your home. The roof covering is relatively light, so it can be installed not only on new roof structures, but also on repaired, time weakened surfaces. It should be remembered that tiles can be laid only on the slopes of roofs with an angle of inclination of at least 15 degrees.

Modular metal sheet – Modular metal sheet – is a kind of roofing tile, the name of which is associated with its size. Instead of once popular large sheets roofing sheet ordered sheets the size of a transport pallet. The size of one such sheet is about 0.8 m2. This design of the sheet facilitates the assembly, as one module will be easily imported by one person. In addition, modular roofing tiles can be laid in different weather conditions, without worrying about wind gusts, which limit the laying of large sheets of traditional roofing tiles.

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